Unix System Administration III


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MCT129 - Unix System Administration III


MCT126 & UNIX Shell Scripting, or significant UNIX background.

This course is intended to build upon students' existing knowledge of UNIX administration gained in previous courses and explore some more interesting uses and capabilities of UNIX and specifically the LINUX operating system. Topics are advanced in nature and students must be able to set-up and operate a UNIX or LINUX server, as well as control its basic functions such as starting/stopping services, manage user and group accounts, and have an understanding of file system permissions and UNIX process monitoring and management. Unlike previous courses, this course has a particular concentration on LINUX-specific subject matter such as configuring the UNIX kernel and X desktop, as well as specific networking capabilities. However, much of the content, including the Apache, Samba and Perl sections can be applied to virtually any UNIX-type system.

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