Microcomputer Repair


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MIR355 - Microcomputer Repair


LIN155 & ICO155

This subject covers the introductory and intermediate features of Microcomputer Repair, with emphasis on x86-based PCs using Microsoft operating systems (Windows 7, 8 and 10). The students will obtain hands-on experience in defining components, basic fault analysis and troubleshooting, and installing/troubleshooting operating systems.
Upon successful completion, students will be able to fully disassemble and re-assemble a microcomputer, install a Windows-based operating system and optimize the computer system using windows native tools as well as third-party software (antivirus, secure browser, compression tools etc.)
Emphasis will also be placed on troubleshooting computer systems and detect and repair hardware and software related issues.
Students will gain competency in virtualization, Mac OSX, Linux Fedora as well as strategic research using various online resources to assist with understanding the ever-changing world of computers and IT.
Finally, students will be able to understand and create a basic local area network using a router, switch and the necessary cabling hardware.
This course provides a good foundation for further study in the microcomputer hardware area, leading to A+ certification.

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