Diversity and Indigenous Peoples in Canada


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PFD450 - Diversity and Indigenous Peoples in Canada

The Diversity and First Nations course merges elements of law enforcement and First Nations issues. This course begins by exploring the basic concepts of diversity, multiculturalism and human rights from a Canadian context. From there, Canadian human rights legislation is reviewed and the role policing plays in upholding these rights. Students will further gain an understanding of cultural and religious diversity, in addition to such topics as family violence, mental health issues, and developmental disabilities. This section of the course concludes with examining the level of cultural competency within Canadian police services and their efforts to diversify the face of policing. By the end of this section, students should:

  • Understand the challenges of community policing
  • Recognize the benefits and challenges of diversity for policing
  • Explore how greater awareness of diversity can help reduce conflict and misunderstanding.

The next section of the course focuses on the colonization of First Nations people and the resulting socio-economic issues. The historical foundation between First Nations people and European cultures will set the tone for past and present relationships. Treaty and land claims generally misunderstood by the Canadian public are explored, in addition to the plight of the residential school system. Inequalities still exist for this population group in the areas of social services, education, labour market, health and the criminal justice system, despite being the fastest-growing portion of Canada's population. By the end of this section, students should:

  • Understand how colonization impacted the First Nations people
  • Recognize the effects of First Nations people's extensive history of mistreatment in Canada
  • Learn about new First Nations opportunities to overcome existing challenges

The course materials draw from a variety of locations, offering a variety of everyday examples, case studies and social media to enhance students' understanding of the dynamics of identities and cultures resulting from the reorganization of societies and nations, and the complexities associated with global integration.

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