Fundamentals of Physical Testing


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PFT505 - Fundamentals of Physical Testing

This course provides a theoretical and practical study of some of the most commonly used, but critical physical testings in the pharmaceutical industry of solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms. Such testing is mandatory as per regulations and critical from a quality point of view and includes in-process testing of bulk product, finished product and raw-material. In recent years, testing also focused on pre-formulation studies and physical characterization of pharmaceutical active ingredients. Students practice using instruments such as a microscope, particle size analyzer, viscometer, moisture analyzer and various tabletting in-process test instruments including disintegration tester, hardness tester and friability tester. Students gain theoretical knowledge of x-ray diffraction, particle size analysis by laser defraction and differential scanning calorometry (DSC). Students also learn about applying these various techniques for analytical and formulation purposes. (Lecture and Labs)

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