PRO670 - C# Programming for the .Net Platform


OOP244 or OOP400 or JAC444

C# is a modern, object-oriented language intended to be the premier language for building enterprise, web-based applications using the .NET Framework. It is simple, type-safe programming language that combines the high productivity of Visual Basic with the raw power of C++. This course focuses on the C# programming fundamentals, program structures and language syntax. It provides students the working knowledge and skills needed to develop C# applications for the Microsoft .NET platform. Students will learn to build a range of object-oriented applications, from client-side GUI development, to server-side web services. Topics include the .NET Framework, .NET Visual Studio IDE, overview of object oriented programming, arrays, methods, inheritance, polymorphism, files and streams, garbage collection, exception handling, versioning support, debugging, and the NGWS runtime environment.

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