Project Development using Java Persistence Appl.


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PRO689 - Project Development using Java Persistence Appl.


PRO684 and DBS301

Implementing web applications using Module View Controller Architecture (MVC) allows java developers to separate the business layer from the presentation and the control layers. This business layer is the interface with the database of the system, so managing the database persistency issues is very much required. Studying the importance of the persistency layer with the most used architectures and frameworks in java world is essential to have a complete web application design and implementation. Using Hibernate 3 and Java persistence APIs (EBJ3) as the famous persistency layer frameworks is a big strength in building web applications. In this course, different architectures will be viewed and studied, approaches to persistency will be investigated and different frameworks will be viewed. Comparison among these frameworks will be done. Also, in this course a project will be designed and implemented using web application (Experience Sun Glassfish Enterprise Servers) and Hibernate 3 as a persistency layer with the covering of all the issues database developers have to deal with.

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