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TAQ200 - AQ - Special Education Part 1

Special Education, Part I, is an introductory course that explores special education practices in the province of Ontario. Candidates will become familiar with the different exceptionalities, and will explore effective program development, planning and implementation, and instructional strategies. Effective assessment practices will also be explored. The integration of students with special needs in the regular classroom will be an underlying focus. Candidates will also become familiar with the process of the IPRC, as well as the creation, implementation, and maintenance of the IEP.
Topics that will be covered in this course include:

  • Historical perspective of special education in Ontario, with specific consideration of Bill 82 and The Education Act, 1990
  • Inclusionary practices and models
  • Indigenous / Aboriginal experiences and special needs
  • Issues in Special Education
  • Categories of Exceptionalities
  • The referral process and placement options available for special needs
  • The creation, implementation, and maintenance of the IEP
  • Modifications and accommodations
  • Transition planning
  • Understanding the IPRC process
  • Assessment practices in special education
  • Understanding, identifying, and supporting exceptionalities
  • Roles and responsibilities of teachers, support staff, parents, and the community
  • Assistive technology

Course Materials:
Bennett & Dworet. Special Education in Ontario Schools, 7th edition, Highland Press
*Books are available for purchase through Seneca's Bookstore.

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