AQ Special Education Part 2


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TAQ201 - AQ Special Education Part 2

This course builds upon the policies, concepts, and strategies explored in the introductory course, Special Education, Part 1. Candidates will explore and extend their knowledge in the areas of curriculum design and delivery, programming, and assessment and evaluation, specific to special education practices in Ontario. Candidates will gain a deeper understanding of exceptionalities and the implications for teaching and learning specific to the exceptionalities explored, with emphasis placed upon practical strategies that assist teachers in successfully supporting exceptional students. Candidates will become more familiar with the creation and implementation of the IEP, and will arrive at a deeper understanding of the IPRC process and implications for teaching. Candidates will continue to explore inclusive and holistic practices that support exceptional students in Ontario classrooms.
Topics that will be covered in this course include:

  • Inclusive practices and models for exceptional students
  • The development and implementation of the IEP
  • Analysis of exceptionalities and practical programming and teaching strategies that address such exceptionalities
  • Consideration and analysis of the criteria used to determine / diagnose exceptionalities
  • Analysis of Ontario Ministry of Education policies and memorandums that affect special education
  • Successful assessment practices and academic assessments
  • The importance of social relationships and the exceptional learner
  • Analysis of the IPRC committee and implications for practice
  • Transition Planning
  • Assistive technology

Course Materials:
Hutchinson. Inclusion of Exceptional Learners in Canadian Schools, 5th Edition, 2017, Pearson Education Canada.
*Books are available for purchase through Seneca's Bookstore.

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