UX Writing Fundamentals


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UXX101 - UX Writing Fundamentals

User Experience (UX) Writers help enhance and improve digital product experiences through words. This microcredential outlines the fundamentals of writing for user experiences by addressing the role and responsibilities of the UX writer within product design. It covers the processes and practices that enable UX writers to craft an engaging experience through words.

Upon successful completion of this microcredential, students are equipped to craft clear, concise and useful microcopy - identifying user interface patterns, applying best practices and using appropriate tone and voice.

Topics Covered:

  • UX Writing, Design and Usability Overview
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Voice and Tone
  • UX Writing Best Practices
  • Microcopy: Actions
  • Microcopy: Messages and States
  • Microcopy: Instructions, explanations and descriptions
  • Microcopy: Titles, labels and forms

For more information, please contact Joanna Crabtree (Joanna.Crabtree@senecacollege.ca).

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