Integrative Field Work Seminar


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WIR247 - Integrative Field Work Seminar


All module 1 courses



Field Seminar 1 integrates experiences in the first year field placement with theoretical concepts learned in the classroom. Emphasis will be placed on the student's ability to contextualize and process their field experiences in light of the professional, legal and ethical codes and frameworks that guide settlement and social service work. Core skills of critical self exploration, problem solving and group collaboration will be developed and practiced in the seminar experience.
The Integrative Seminar will continue to provide a forum in which students are able to explore connections between materials presented in each course in the current semester and for students to be able to integrate that material in ways that are meaningful for them as individuals and as future practitioners. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate group accountability and critique both their own and other's interactions in a collaborative learning environment. The course is delivered via spontaneous group discussion and challenges students to identify and discuss reactions to experiences and materials in the program in constructive ways.

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