Learning Modes


The course will be taught in a traditional classroom instructional mode. A variety of methods will be used to aid the student in acquiring the required knowledge to meet the outcome of this course.


The course will be delivered via the internet. This involves the use of the online materials and/or a text, possible group discussions and consultation with your instructor via email. Students will be responsible for completing all online activities and participating in group discussion and working through textbook questions, as required.


Delivery is mixed, blending face-to-face instructions and facilitating out of classroom experiences and/or online instructions.


Correspondence is a self-paced method of learning, supported with email access to an instructor. As a student, you have up to twenty weeks to complete each course, giving you an additional six weeks over the classroom format. Courses typically start the first week of the month. Faculty are available to assist you by fax or email. You can discuss a plan of study with your faculty contact to ensure an appropriate assignment and test schedule. In some cases this may be included in your study guide.