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With the growth of online education, teaching and training has advanced the need for skilled developers of web-based learning. This program are designed to provide students with usable skills and a pedagogical basis in order to develop quality online learning materials. Students will not only learn the practical skills for development, but will also be introduced to how their role relates to the team-based approach in educational design. This program is offered fully online through OntarioLearn.

Students interested in the theory, practice, and design of instructional content may also learn more about our Instructional Design certificate program.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program may be employed in roles such as eLearning Designer, Rapid eLearning Developer, Learning Specialist, eLearning Consultant, eLearning Course Author, Training Specialist Author, Learning & Development Specialist, and Training Content Developer. Industries include, and may not be limited to education, training, financial, retail, healthcare, insurance, trades, and consulting.

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E-Learning Tools

This course explores current web-based educational tools that address a variety of learning needs. Key areas covered include choosing appropriate tools and creating activities that allow for ease-of-maintenance. Students will gain hands-on experience working with a variety of eLearning tools.

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Multimedia for E-Learning Developers


Knowledge of HTML or completion of DEV104 is recommended.

There is abundant research demonstrating that not all students learn the same way and therefore it is important to cater to a variety of modalities when designing online educational materials. By identifying the purpose of multimedia design, students will create a short learning unit that demonstrates their understanding of best practices and skills in audio, video, and graphic design. Students will also learn copyright law as it pertains to educational use of materials.

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Instructional Design for Online Learning

This foundational course introduces the student to current learning, instructional design theories, and models used to guide the effective design of online learning environments. The student will analyze learning needs of their target audience/learner profiles/learner analysis and develop a design plan for a specific instructional approach.

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HTML Introduction

Students will learn some of the most important topics of HTML, from the basics of creating Web pages with graphics and links, using tables, and controlling page layout with frames, to more advanced topics including cascading style sheets, and adding pre-written JavaScript to HTML documents. Also how to create a multimedia Web page, and create a Web page with forms. Software Required: Any word processing software.

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Learning Management System Platforms

This course is designed to introduce students to Learning Management Systems (LMS), and familiarize them with the tools available. The importance of well-designed templates and ease of navigation will be investigated. Learners will develop a module in an LMS platform during this learning experience to demonstrate a key learning outcome.

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Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility for Online Learning

To ensure that all diverse learners can meet the course and program learning outcomes, it is critical to include the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and accessibility when designing online learning programs to provide the appropriate level of challenge to the learner. In this course, students will apply appropriate Universal Design for Learning theories and practices, by using appropriate online learning materials. In addition, students will learn about relevant accessibility laws in order to recommend strategies to ensure accessibility compliance for all online content.

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Managing an eLearning Project

Working as a manager of an online learning project involves, strong communication, teamwork, leadership and project management skills. In this course, students will learn the various roles of an online learning team and explore how all tasks work in tandem to ensure a successful outcome. In addition, students will learn how to support clients during the program development and design process.

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Program Outcomes

  • Collaborate with subject matter experts to plan and develop a structure for e-learning materials using principles of instructional design.
  • Develop and maintain web content using established client-side web-programming languages and applications.
  • Recommend appropriate e-learning strategies and materials based on learning theory for the desired project objectives.
  • Design and develop multimedia content for e-learning, including audio, video, illustrations, animations, and interactive content using relevant, current and/or emerging technologies.
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts in researching, selecting and evaluating appropriate technologies, tools and applications to achieve project objectives.
  • Contribute as a member of an integrated team to execute the planning, delivery, and evaluation of e-learning projects.
  • Perform all work in compliance with relevant regulations, accessibility legislation, copyright legislation, and industry standards.

Program Contacts

Maria Graziosi
Program Assistant
416-491-5050 ext.22512

Melanie Rubens
Program Coordinator
416-491-5050 ext.22589

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