Financial Aid and Awards

Continuing Education students studying at Seneca College may apply for bursaries and awards as well as financial assistance under the government plans listed on the Financial Aid website.

Common requirements include:

  • Canadian citizenship/permanent resident status and Ontario residency.
  • Registration in a Ministry approved certificate, diploma or degree program.
  • Full-time student status - enrolled in equivalent of 60% of the approved full-time day course load (40% for students with permanent disability).
  • Part-time student status - enrolled in equivalent of 20% to 59% of full-time course load.
  • Gross family income cannot exceed specified maximum.

To Apply for government funding:

Continuing Education students looking to receive OSAP funding should look at the normal course load per semester on Seneca's full-time program outline to see the number of courses required to qualify. Students must take a minimum of 60% of the courses (40% for students with permanent disability) to be eligible for full-time OSAP and the courses must run concurrently. To be considered for part-time OSAP, students must take between 20-59% course load.  Start and end dates of each course are considered when calculating course load.

OSAP does not cover the re-taking of courses if the course already has met graduation requirements.

Go to: the OSAP website

To Apply for Tuition Assistance or Scholarships and Bursaries

Seneca College has a number of awards open to students in Continuing Education programs.

You can log into the Student Home.

  • Under Finances, you will find "Apply for Financial Aid".

Available Scholarships and Other Awards

  • Awards Open to Full Time Students in All programs
  • Awards Open to Students in All Programs.

For Information

Applicants with inquiries should contact the Financial Aid Office at the campus that they are/will be attending for assistance or call 416.491.5050 ext. 22480 or email to