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Business Studies

Certificate (Online)


The online Business Studies Seneca College Certificate program consists of six courses providing an introduction to the key skills required for a career in any industry or business, domestic or international. Courses will provide students with an introduction to the business environment, and business issues and functions within in the global economy.

Students will learn foundational concepts including generally accepted accounting principles, fundamentals of math for business and finance, and marketing approaches and concepts used by profit and non-profit organizations. A strong focus will be on new technologies and strategies, and students will further develop their proficiency in computer applications for business to be able to apply these software skills to solving business problems.

This certificate prepares students with job-ready essential employability skills required to work in a wide range of entry-level positions within financial, marketing, sales and service industries.

Certificate Requirements

College English

College English is an introductory college writing and reading course fundamental to successful college studies. Through a variety of assignments and classroom activities, students strive to develop the rhetorical and analytical skills essential to their success as communicators in college and upon graduation. Fiction and nonfiction are central vehicles for teaching writing.

Introduction to Business Administration

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the Canadian business environment, business issues and functions, and the major forces at work in the global economy. It provides students with a perspective of business firms as integrated organizations composed of a number of specialized functions.

Accounting Basics I

This course introduces the student to how accounting information is used by, and meets the needs of both internal and external users through effective and efficient communication as well as what accounting information is required by a business concern to reflect clearly the operating results of the enterprise over its operating life. Throughout the course, students will be introduced to generally accepted accounting principles, the interpretation and preparation of financial statements and how this information is recorded in the various business records.

Marketing I

Marketing is an approach to business that puts the customer at the centre of its activities and focuses on satisfying customer needs and wants. While marketing is used by both profit and not-for-profit organizations to meet the demands of the market place, this course introduces students to the fundamental marketing concepts used by profit oriented business organizations.

Mathematics of Finance

For business personnel, this course covers fundamentals of mathematics for business and finance: ratios, proportions, ,percentages break-even analysis, commissions, trade and cash discounts, simple interest and discount, compound interest and discount, equation of values, and ordinary annuities.

Microcomputer Applications for Business

Building on the skills they have previously acquired in Excel and Windows operating systems, students will further develop their proficiency in these areas and add Access to their skill set. Throughout the course, they will apply these software skills to solve business problems.

Online Learning


Taking a course online provides you with the flexibility to learn on a schedule that suits you. You do not have to log in or do work at a specific time of day. Simply follow the timeline set by your instructor in order to meet assigned due dates, and write your final exam during the scheduled exam period.

Seneca's online courses are designed to engage students with their faculty. You may communicate any time via the online course discussion board or email with your instructor. You can also interact with your classmates through course discussion boards and group activities.


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