Online Self-Directed


This course is being offered as self-directed, providing students with significant flexibility to learn and study on their own time. Classes are online and include *asynchronous activities. There are no scheduled attendance requirements (some exceptions apply). However, these self-directed courses are not self-paced. Students are responsible for complying with all due dates assigned by their facilitator, which will be shared at the start of the course. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the course outline, the weekly schedule and important deadlines at the start of the course.



Asynchronous delivery is where the primary mode of instruction takes place online and provides students with a self-directed learning experience where they can learn and study on their own time. Instructional strategies may include different types of interaction between the instructor and the students through the Learning Management System, such as the Blackboard platform.

All asynchronous activities, including things like lesson modules, lecture notes, multi-media content, assignments and assessments, etc., are posted online. While students work through the materials at the time of their choosing, they are expected to follow a weekly schedule to complete activities and submit assignments by the specified due dates. Students may interact with their instructor or each other through the Learning Management System, including Blackboard discussion boards, email or other technologies.