Facilitator Testimonials


Timothy Wong
Facilitator for: CSC200 Principles of Information Security, CSC306 Wireless and Mobile Network Security
Facilitator with Seneca since 2017

"I am so glad that I am teaching something that I am personally interested in. I create a post every week day during the semester to keep the learning active. Sometimes these posts generate interesting feedback from the class because the students have experiences to share."


Josie Filipponi
Facilitator for: EAC894 Business Writing
Facilitator with Seneca since 2017

"Having had the privilege of teaching face-to-face and online, I must say that teaching online is just as energizing as teaching in a classroom. I always look forward to getting to know a little bit about my students, and I'm never surprised at the wealth of knowledge and experience they each bring to the course. I teach Business Writing and am a proponent of experiential learning, so I make an effort to teach my students real life workplace writing practices. Aside from the students, what I particularly like about working for Seneca is the community of employees that support me by providing me with the resources I need to be successful."


Milena Cegile
Facilitator for: ACC120 Accounting I
Facilitator with Seneca since 2010

"I enjoy assisting students in their journey of learning online. Since I have many years of learning online, I understand the challenges and troubles students may run into and I enjoy being there for them so that students get the most of their learning experience."


Stephen Rayfield
Facilitator for: MRK106 Marketing I, MRK200 Marketing II, MRK455 Applied Marketing Research
Facilitator with Seneca since 2016

"My goal as an instructor is to see the students take their learning in a course and apply it to their job successfully. To see students grow in their career and gain promotions based on their learning and work at Seneca. To be involved in developing a marketing course bring it up to date with content, models and new applications. To have the support of a great group of people in the office, helping to make it an enjoyable experience. To interact with other online instructors sharing ideas, techniques and successes."


Xiaolai (Alice) Yu
Facilitator for: CTM107 Transborder and Customs Procedures
Facilitator with Seneca since 2018

"I enjoy diversity in our online classroom. I can always learn a lot from different students. (We have students with different backgrounds.) It is important for me to know every student and encourage them to bring their unique experiences and ideas to our online class. For my weekly email announcement, I always add 'Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions' in the end. So the students will contact me with questions and it is a great way to get connected with them. Seneca is an amazing place to learn and grow together. The learning environment is very friendly and supportive. My course is about importing commercial goods into Canada. I took the same online course as a Seneca student with Professor Emiliano Introcaso before. He has helped me a lot and encouraged me to obtain CCS designation and CIFFA advanced certificate. Now it is wonderful to share my knowledge and learning experience with my students in our International Business/Supply Chain Management Programs. I learned it is necessary to give students flexibility and ask feedback from the student. The experience is challenging and rewarding."