The AutoCAD Essentials ROA program applies AutoCAD ® computer applications, as well as drafting and 3D graphic presentation, with the design skills used in the preparation of architectural, engineering, and construction projects.

This program is designed to teach the necessary AutoCAD ® drafting applications found in the industry, particularly within the architectural/engineering field. It will provide students with a full scope of the various AutoCAD ® applications, from introductory- to advanced-level knowledge, architectural drawing, 3D modeling, as well as drafting conventions and standards.

Courses also may be taken individually for skill enhancement.

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Entry Requirements

Students must have:

  • Experience with Windows PC Operating System.

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Auto CAD 2019 - Fundamentals


Recommended Basic Computer skills/Basic Drafting Fundamentals

This course is an introduction to 2D AutoCAD, in which students learn basic AutoCAD fundamentals, including basic draw and modify commands, drawing setup procedures, layer setup, dimensioning, and plotting. Students gain hands-on experience using AutoCAD's drafting tools.

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Auto CAD 2019 - Advanced


ATC111 or an introductory AutoCAD course or industry equivalent experience

This course is the advanced 2D AutoCAD, in which students continue their drafting techniques with such features as annotation scaling, hatching, blocks, attributes, tables and external references. Students draw complex objects and gain hands-on experience using AutoCAD's advanced drafting methods.

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Auto CAD 2019 - 3D Modelling - Fundamentals


ATC111 or an Introductory AutoCAD course or equivalent industrial experience

In this course students develop work flows and learn concepts for creating and editing solid and surface models with AutoCAD. Based on floor plans and detailed CAD drawings, students create basic 3D models, concentrating on objects and small residential

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Auto CAD 2019- 3D Modelling - Advanced


ATC362 - Auto Cad 3D Modeling

In this course the students continue their 3D modeling at a more advanced level, including complex lighting, rendering and custom textures. Students will focus on interior scenes and large scale modeling and rendering, as well as, custom object creation.

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Program Outcomes

The objective of AutoCAD Essentials ROA is to introduce students with a complete overview of the AutoCAD ® program from introductory to advanced methods in 2D and 3D environments and concepts. Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  • Use the AutoCAD ® program to draw a variety of complex plans and drawings.
  • Edit and revise drawings.
  • Create dimension and plot drawings.
  • Understand drafting terminology and drafting standards and conventions.
  • Learn to draw from 2D to 3D.
  • Create 3D models with textures and lighting.
  • Render 3D models to photographic quality.


Recognition of Achievement

Upon successful completion of the program requirements, please submit a Request for Recognition of Achievement Form to the Faculty of Continuing Education and Training. There is no cost for this and your Recognition of Achievement will be mailed to you.

Program Contacts

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Oana Tudor
Program Assistant

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Ravindran Aruliah
Part-time Program Coordinator

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