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Artists directory N–S

Note: A bracketed number beside an artist’s name indicates the number of pieces in the series that are included in the Seneca collection.

Diminic Nahr
Seeking Refuge, 2006
Silver print
Provenance: Ryerson Gallery

Davida Nemeroff
The Lady Dies Series
On The Farm, 2009
Chromogenic print
Provenance: Gallery TPW

Toni Onley
Headland, 1974
Serigraph, 36/40
Provenance: Doris Pascal Gallery

Lyndall Osborne
Bunjip Choir, 1980
Silkscreen, 6/23
Provenance: Gallery Moos

Jim Paget
A White Rock, 1983
Etching, 5/7
Provenance: The Artist

Stan Panamick
Untitled. 1979
Pen and ink
Gift pf Jim and Michelle Moran

Bruce Parsons
Model For The Pyramids, 1975
Lithograph, 18/25

Rena Panchyshyn
Untitled, 2007
Provenance: Ryerson Gallery

Paddy Peters
Affection, 1979
Serigraph, 6/50
Gift pf Jim and Michelle Moran

Gaston Petit
Ne Pars Sans Sourire, 1976
Screenprint, 60/60
Provenance : Gallery Pascal

Walter Phillips (2)
Woodcut, 16/50
   Totems: Albert Bay B.C., C. 1939
Woodcut, 9/50
Provenance: Angus Mcdonald

Mary Pocock
Psychic Bird, 2004
Provenance: Ryerson Gallery

Portfolio 3 (8)
Various Artists, 1999:
   Micah Lexier,  Stephen Andrews,
     Cathy Daley,  Wanda Koop,  Kim Moodie,
     Euan Macdonald,  Jeannie Thib,
     Mitch Robertson
Various Medium, 13/36
Published by Paul M. Conway
Provenance: Waddington’s

Portfolio: Olympic Prints (5)
Various Artists, 1976:
   T. Michael Bidner,  John Palchinsky,
     Deli Sacilotto, Otis Tamasauskas,
Joy Walker
Various print media
Provenance: York University, Printmaking Workshop
Gift of David and Jane Phillips

Portfolio: Fletcher Starbuck/Robert Sewell Suite (5)
   III Grey, 1975,  I Blue, 1975, I Green, 1975,
     Pink, 1975,   Brown, 1095
Lithograph/Silkscreen and Silver Gelatin Photograph, 6/25
Provenance: Albert White Gallery

Edward Porter
East In The Morning, N.D.
Etching, 15/50
Provenance: Mira Godard Gallery

Christopher Pratt
Victoria Regina, 1971
Serigraph on Red Wove Paper, A/P
Provenance: Heffel

Christoper Pratt
New Boat, 1975
Serigraph, 26/55
Provenance:  Marlborough Godard Gallery

Christopher Pratt
Wall Facing West, 1980
Serigraph, 30/50
Provenance: Mira Godard Gallery

Mary Pratt
Tied Boat, 1980
Lithograph and coloured pencil, 15/60
Provenance:  Aggregation Gallery

Antoine Prevost
L’immaculate, 1980
Serigraph, 90/90
Provenance:  Galerie Dresdnere

Michelle Provost
It’s Only Rock And Roll Series
Crime Of The Century (Supertramp), 2005
Hand embroidery on cloth
Provenance: Dale Smith Gallery

Pudlo Pudlat
Aeroplane, 1976                      
Stencil And Stonecut, 31/50                                                               
Provenance: Mazelow Gallery

Geoffrey Pugen
Cats And Bus, 2009
Provenance: Gallery TPW

Mary Rawlyk
Wringing Shirt (From The Domestic Object Series), 1974
Relief etching, screen process and card relief, 17/30
Provenance: Doris Pascal Gallery

Arthur Renwick (3)
Mask Series, 2006-2009
   Rebecca, Michael, Carla
Archival Inkjet prints
Provenance:  Leo Kamen Gallery
Purchase made possible through the generosity of First Peoples @ Seneca

Arthur Renwick
Secwepemc, B. C., 2005
Archival inkjet print, 2/5
Provenance: Gallery TPW

William Roberts
Morning Light, 1981
Serigraph, 85/100   
Provenance: Nancy Poole Studio

Rochelle Rubinstein
Sonogram, 2012-14
Two printed, painted and carved wood panels
Provenance: The Artist

Jon Sasakai
A Wound-Down Watch Coaxed To Run A Bit, N.D.
Video, DVD
Provenance: Gallery TPW

Roger Savage
Isolde And Cow, 1972
Serigraph, 16/50
Provenance: Zwicker’s Gallery

Noboru Sawai
Funeral, 1973
Etching, woodcut on paper, 12/100
Provenance: Gallery Moos
John Scott
Untitled (Bunny Figure), C.1989
Acrylic on distressed paper
Provenance: Spin Gallery

Jack Shadbolt
Untitled, 1976
Tapestry, Acrylic fibre, 20/25
Provenance: Waddington’s

Chris Shepherd (3)
Subway Series, C. 2011:
   Keele (Telephones)
   Islington (Yellow Staircase)
   Spadina (Deer) 
Chromogenic prints mounted on diabond
Provenance: Gallery TPW

Talia Shipman
Exodus: The Ten Plagues Series, 2007
Darkness/Media Filter
Chromogenic print on board with resin coating
Provenance: Gallery TPW

Arnold Shives
Kluane, 1982
Linocut, ink on paper
Gift of John Grande

Jeremy Smith
Hamer Bay, 1981
Screenprint, 15/39
Provenance: Mira Godard Gallery

Virakone Sonethasack (3)
The Mana Pool Series, 2012:
  Stratum, Splice, Visions
Macro photography, screen printing/lithography
Printed on acrylic plexiglass
Provenance: The Propellor Gallery

Reva Stone (2)
  Imaginal Expression 6, 2004-06
  Imaginal Expression 10, 2004-06
Inkjet prints
Provenance: The Artist

Sharon Switzer
You Will Sleep Through A Catastrophe, 2002
Letterpress on water colour paper, 1/10
Provenance: Gallery TPW

Joseph Szilva
Amazon, 1980
Etching, 10/30
Provenance: Mira Godard Gallery