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Artists directory T–Z

Note: A bracketed number beside an artist’s name indicates the number of pieces in the series that are included in the Seneca collection.

Otis Tamasauskas
Japan Fan #1, 1979
Lithograph, 6/6
Provenance: Mira Godard Gallery

Takao Tanabe
The Land : Autumn, 1974
Lithograph, 10/75
Provenance: Mira Godard Gallery

Team Macho
(Heart Symbol)’S Katamari, N.D.
Acrylic and resin covered panel
Provenance: Magic Pony

David Thauberger
Icon, 1981
Silkscreen, 23/50
Provenance: Mira Godard Gallery

Anna Torma
Untitled, 2005
Mixed media fabrics and wool
Gift of John Grande

Claude Tousignant
Aquarelle, 1971
Screenprint, 21/25
Provenance: Mira Godard Gallery

Harold Town
Vale Variation, 1976
Tapestry, Acrylic fibre, 24/25
Provenance: Waddington’s

Tony Urquhart
Well Of  The Virgin,
Pen and ink
Provenance: Bau-Xi Gallery

Kathleen Vaughan
Bog Series 3, 1995-96
Oil, acrylic and encaustic
Photographic emulsion, textile assemblage, charcoal pencil on canvas
Provenance:  The Artist

Ken Wallace
Bend IV,
Mixed Media
Provenance: Mazelow Gallery

Kay Murray-Weber
Numbered Days, 1976
Serigraph, 1/14
Provenance: Gallery Moos

Barry Wentzell (9)
Leonard Cohen, 1974
Ritchie Blackmore, 1970
Moody Blues, 1970
Keith Emerson, 1973
Ian Anderson, 1973
Dave, Mason, 1968
John Sabastian, 1968
Genesis, 1972
John Mayhall, 1969
Gelatin silver prints, 28/50
Provenance: Stair Gallery

Joyce Wieland
O Canada, 1970,
Lithograph on cloth, 8/10
Provenance: Isaacs Gallery

Joyce Wieland
Untitled, 1976
Tapestry, acrylic fibre, 5/25
Provenance: Heffel

Jacob Whibley
Further Up The Line, 2012
Mixed media collage on panel
Provenance: The Narwhal Projects

Phillip Woolf
Crescent Moon, 1995-96
Oil and encaustic on masonite
Provenance: The Artist

Don Wright
Jigging, 1977
Lithograph, Edition 18
Provenance: Gallery Moos

Robert Young
Sounds Inside, 1973
Silkscreen, 6/150
Provenance: Maynard’s

Xiaojing Yan
Cloudscape, 2009
Paper, natural reed
Provenance: Lonsdale Gallery

Christ Yaneff
Peace, 57/150
Poster, Offset Litho
Gift of Suzanne Price

Balant Zsako (4)
Untitled (Animated Humans and Animals), 2005-06
Watercolour and ink on paper
Provenance: Spin Gallery