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Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Introduction


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an integral part of Chinese culture. It has been practiced for several thousand years in China, spread to other East Asian cultures, and, nowadays, has been integrated into mainstream medical practice across the world. Well-trained practitioners use TCM knowledge and skills to help patients improve their condition. The general public can also use this knowledge to become healthier. These workshops are intended for the general public to gain some basic knowledge of TCM. Students will learn not only the basic theoretical aspects of TCM, but also how to apply such knowledge in their daily lives to improve their health.

There are six workshop sessions. Each deals with one specific topic. All together, the sessions compose a comprehensive series that covers much of TCM.

Teacher Dr. Adam Chen

Dr. Adam Chen

Dr. Adam Chen has been practicing TCM for over forty years. He conducts clinical research on acupuncture and diseases including insomnia, headache and women’s health issues. His collaborators include medical doctors and scientists from Toronto Western General Hospital, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Mount Sinai Hospital, Women’s College Hospital and Sunnybrook Hospital. The federal government has called upon him to consult on issues regarding alternative medicine. He is the founder and head of the acupuncture clinic at the Mount Sinai Hospital. He is also the president of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician Association of Canada. He has been often featured, both nationally and locally, on television and radio stations, magazines, and newspapers.

Dr. Chen is a graduate from Heilongjiang TCM University in China. After coming to Canada in 1983, he earned M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees (in Genetics) from the University of Alberta. He has spoken at national and international professional conferences, as well as publishing numerous research papers in various peer reviewed journals.

These workshops are being sponsored by the Confucius Institute at Seneca College. For more information contact Kathy Xiang.