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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Your Health
Public Education Series

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an integral part of Chinese culture. It has been practiced for several thousand years in China, spread to other East Asian cultures, and, nowadays, has been integrated into mainstream medical practice across the world. Well-trained practitioners use TCM knowledge and skills to help patients improve their condition. The general public can also use this knowledge to become healthier. These introductory workshops are intended for the general public to gain some basic knowledge of the TCM. Students will learn not only the basic theoretical aspects of TCM, but also how to apply such knowledge in their daily lives to improve their health.

There are six workshop sessions. Each deals with one specific topic. All together, the sessions compose a comprehensive series that covers much of TCM.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Medicine

TCM constitutes a broad range of medicine practices based on a common set of fundamental theories. TCM includes acupuncture, massage (Tui na), various forms of herbal medicine, dietary therapy and exercise. This seminar mainly discusses the following questions: How was TCM founded? Why has TCM survived for thousands of years in China? Why is it gaining popularity in the modern world? What is the value of the TCM in the mainstream healthcare system in Canada?

A Comprehensive Program For Healthy Living

We have often heard people complain about feeling tired; being in a blue mood; catching cold easily; headachy; having lack of appetite; sleeping poorly; or having joint stiffness. However, the medical establishment often finds no apparent etiology accounting for these annoying health problems. TCM can offer a comprehensive self care program helpful for alleviating these problems. This seminar session introduces the principle of TCM, and its application for healthy living. It will help answer questions such as: what does TCM have to do with my health? Does my health need to be improved at all?

Acupuncture and Health Benefits

Acupuncture is a therapeutic method of TCM. By inserting fine, solid needles into acupuncture points, and by manipulating these needles, the acupuncturist helps patients to alleviate symptoms and to improve their health. According to TCM, stimulating these points can correct imbalances in the flow of qi through channels known as meridians. Scientific research has found some intriguing physiological changes following the acupuncture. From this session, students will learn some ancient and modern theories relating to the use of acupuncture. In addition, students will also learn how an acupuncturist chooses a set of acupuncture points, and how to locate some of these points. Finally, the students will learn a few acupuncture points readily applicable for improving their own general health.

Chinese Medicinal Herbal and Health Benefits

TCM uses medicinal herbs as potent tools for treating disease. There are hundreds of herbs commonly used by TCM practitioners. Each herb has its own therapeutic effects. However, many of them have potential risks and side effects, and specific precaution must be taken. Several medicinal herbal are often used together to enhance their efficacy and to reduce potential side effects. There are thousands of herbal recipes in the TCM literature.

Most medicinal herbs are both palatable and completely safe to use. They have been commonly used by the Chinese in their regular diet as health supplements.

In addition to the introduction of basic knowledge regarding herbal medicine, this session will discuss the health benefits of five herbal remedy, including Ginseng, Astragalus, and Ginger, as well as some convenient ways to use them.

Healthy Eating and Dietary Therapy

Food is not only important for supporting life and maintaining health, it can also bring great pleasure and joy to life. Each food has its own color, texture, flavor, taste and nutritional value. However, this seminar session is not about nutrition value of the food in modern view. Rather, it introduces the TCM view of the food, namely how to divide it into groups according to its effects on our physical functioning. This seminar will also introduce the TCM view of the body. Finally, it helps you to choose the right food that is most suitable for your needs.

Medical Tai Chi, An Easy Way To Healthy Living

In ancient times, our ancestors learned that exercise is an important tool for keeping healthy and for preventing diseases. In modern times, people use exercise to manage everything from stress and depression, and to healing injuries.

Tai chi is a meditative exercise suitable for people of all ages. It does not demand much time or space to practice. There are different forms of Tai chi and some are not easy to learn and practice. Through this workshop, students will learn the health benefits of the Tai chi. Students will also learn some principles and some basic moves to have an introduction to this interesting practice.