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Meet the Fall 2012 Valedictorians

Ceremony 3 – Saturday, October 27
Valedictorian Lavanya Hannah Herbert

Photo of Lavanya Hannah Herbert
Valedictorian Lavanya Herbert receives her framed diploma from President David Agnew.
Photo of Lavanya Hannah Herbert

Lavanya is graduating from the Computer Engineering Technology (Co-op) advanced diploma program. When she finished high school, Lavanya earned a Business Administration diploma from Sheridan College. She then worked in the accounting department of a real estate brokerage for five years. Seeking new challenges, she decided she wanted a career where she could learn something every day and went back to school for technology. She enrolled at Seneca and continued to work part-time at the real estate brokerage for the first two years of the program. She also decided to give back to her fellow students by becoming a peer tutor in Seneca’s Learning Centre in her second year. After a successful co-op placement, she was hired on contract by the company to work full-time as a Technology Analyst. Her ultimate goal is to get into the networking field.