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Meet the 2012 Valedictorians

Ceremony 8:
Valedictorian Andor Salga

Photo of Andor Salga
Valedictorian Andor Salga receives his framed diploma from President David Agnew.
Photo of Andor Salga

Andor is graduating from the Software Development degree program. His post-secondary education began with Seneca’s Computer Programming and Analysis advanced diploma. He then started working as a research assistant in Seneca's Centre for the Development of Open Technology and later enrolled in the Software Development degree program. He worked on a number of innovative projects that make use of WebGL, which allows web pages to use the computer’s 3D graphics capabilities without plug-ins. His work impressed his colleagues at Seneca and beyond and he was asked to speak at Seneca's annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium, as well as at MIT and at the Special Interest Group on GRAPHics convention. He hopes to work in game development.