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Meet the 2012 Valedictorians

Ceremony 10:
Valedictorian Dmitri Tchelnokov

Photo of Dmitri Tchelnokov
Valedictorian Dmitri Tchelnokov receives his framed diploma from President David Agnew.
Photo of Dmitri Tchelnokov

Dmitri is graduating from the International Business Administration advanced diploma program. He grew up in Moscow, Russia, watching his mother operate a successful international shopping tour business. Eventually he began to help with travel arrangements and he knew he wanted to have a career of his own in an international business. His family immigrated to Canada in time for him to graduate from high school. His long-standing interest in the global economy led him to Seneca’s International Business diploma program. After graduation, he began to work and soon decided that additional education would increase his opportunities for advancement and returned to Seneca to turn his diploma into an advanced diploma. He is now pursuing Seneca’s new Bachelor of Commerce – International Business Management degree program and has formed an international trading company, Auto Global Enterprise, specializing in trading recyclable materials.