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Meet the Spring 2015 Valedictorians

Ceremony 11 – Tuesday, June 30 – 10 a.m.

Photo of Lauren Weinberg
John Andreucci, Professor, School of Health Sciences with Valedictorian Lauren Weinberg, Recreation and Leisure Services and David Agnew, Seneca President.

Photo of Lauren Weinberg

Valedictorian Lauren Weinberg

Lauren is graduating from the Recreation and Leisure Services diploma program. Growing up in a family of campers, Lauren has been attending camp ever since she was three years old and has worked as a camp counsellor for the last 10 years. In fact, she is currently in her second year as a senior staff member, coordinating and facilitating leadership programs. After finishing her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University, Lauren came to Seneca to turn her love of camping into a career. Her education at Seneca provided a valuable complement to her experience as a camper and counsellor. She believes attending camp allows children to learn essential skills, such as confidence, leadership, and even survival skills, in a holistic environment. In addition to working as a camp counsellor, Lauren was co-ordinator of Clubs & Associations for the Seneca Student Federation, a Seneca SMILE mentor and gave tours of the Seneca King Campus to prospective students. She is also a recipient of the Seneca King Student Administrative Council Award for Leadership. Lauren wishes to spend the rest of her life working in a camp environment, one day even directing her own summer camp.