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Meet the Spring 2015 Valedictorians

Ceremony 2 – Thursday, June 25 – 2 p.m.

Photo of Sebastien Leduc
Lynne McMullen, Chair, School of Aviation with Valedictorian Sebastien Leduc, Bachelor of Aviation Technology degree program and David Agnew, Seneca President.

Photo of Sebastien Leduc

Valedictorian Sebastien Leduc

Sebastien is graduating from the Bachelor of Aviation Technology degree program. An aviation aficionado from early on, Sebastien has participated in air cadet training for many years – he even received his glider pilot and private pilot licenses before graduating high school. Sebastien’s earliest memory is of him and his father plane-watching at the Vancouver airport. With a lifetime interest in aviation, joining Seneca’s aviation program seemed like the most logical next step. At Seneca, Sebastien appreciated the quality of the practical and theoretical elements of the program. Sebastien was also Class Senior, a Seneca SMILE mentor and a student member of the Safety Committee. In 2014, Sebastien won the prestigious Webster Memorial Trophy and was named Canada’s Top Amateur Pilot. He was recently awarded with the CASI Toronto Branch Student Award for Seneca, awarded to the top graduating aviation student. Sebastien has just accepted a position as First Officer for Air Canada Jazz.