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Meet the Fall 2016 Valedictorians

Ceremony 4 – Saturday, October 29 – 2 p.m.

Valedictorian Sarah McNeil, Government Relations (centre) with Professor and Co-ordinator Joe MacDonald and President David Agnew.

Photo of Sarah McNeil

Sarah McNeil

Sarah is graduating from the Government Relations graduate certificate program. She came to Seneca after completing her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. She decided to add to her education by gaining real-world skills at Seneca. She was attracted to the specialized nature of the program. During her studies, she valued the experience and passion of her professors. She is now doing an internship with NATIONAL Public Relations and believes the volunteer opportunities that faculty recommended to her during her program helped her to get the position. She is interested in communications and technology and hopes that in her new career she can help businesses and government find innovative ways to communicate.