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Meet the Spring 2016 Valedictorians

Ceremony 11 – Wednesday, June 29 – 10 a.m.

Laura Cavanagh, Professor and Program Co-ordinator, with Valedictorian Benjamin William Smith, Behavourial Sciences, and David Agnew, Seneca President.

Photo of Benjamin William Smith

Benjamin William Smith

Ben is graduating from the Behavioural Sciences diploma program. He chose Seneca’s program for its course content, particularly the Forensics, Crime and Corrections course. At Seneca, Ben enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and fellow students in an open and encouraging environment. A naturally social and helpful person, Ben served as an informal student ambassador during his studies, regularly speaking with first-year and prospective students, offering them counsel and guidance where he could. Ben was also a member of a student and faculty committee that advocated in support of providing bridging and pathway options for the Behavioural Sciences program. The day after his last exam at Seneca, Ben started his career as a behavioural therapist/ technician at Mackenzie Health in York Region. As an avid fitness and nutrition enthusiast, Ben would one day like to merge his knowledge of applied behavioural analysis with health and fitness.