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Meet the Spring 2016 Valedictorians

Ceremony 12 – Wednesday, June 29 – 2 p.m.

Peivand Pirouzi, Professor and Program Co-ordiantor, with Valedictorian Heather Catherine Short, 911 and Emergency Services Communication, and David Agnew, Seneca President.

Photo of Heather Catherine Short

Heather Catherine Short

Heather is graduating from the 911 and Emergency Services Communications certificate program. Heather enrolled in the program after searching for a career with a greater sense of purpose. At Seneca, Heather found the perfect opportunity to apply her computer, communication and organizational skills in such a way that she could help others. Heather appreciated the counsel of her professors, who emphasized real-world applications of theories taught in class, particularly, through labs and simulations. While at Seneca, Heather had the opportunity to participate in extracurricular roundtable discussions with other programs and faculties presenting her with cross-disciplinary perspectives. In particular, she learned how cases are handled across multiple emergency response disciplines – from police foundations to nursing – giving her an appreciation for the unique perspectives involved in her future line of work. Heather is currently working as a security dispatcher and looks forward to pursuing further opportunities in emergency services.