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Meet the Spring 2016 Valedictorians

Ceremony 10 – Tuesday, June 28 – 2 p.m.

John MacBride, Professor and Program Co-ordinator, with Valedictorian Tracey Elaine Witter, Event Management – Event and Exhibit Design, and David Agnew, Seneca President.

Photo of Tracey Elaine Witter

Tracey Elaine Witter

Tracey is graduating from the Event Management – Event and Exhibit Design graduate certificate program. She is in a unique position as a valedictorian having previously studied at Seneca in another program area and having worked full-time at Seneca’s bookstore from 1999 to 2015. It was only after an early retirement that Tracey decided to pursue her true passion. Having always had a knack for event design, Tracey chose Seneca’s program for its industry recognition and highly respected teaching staff. Although anxious about returning to school as a mature student, Tracey found support and encouragement in her family, faculty and classmates. While at Seneca, Tracey participated in live event design projects such as Bloor Street Entertains and the Inspired Spaces tabletop competition, where she won the People’s Choice Award. Now that Tracey has completed her education, she wishes to find work doing what she loves – designing events worth celebrating.