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Meet the Spring 2017 Valedictorians

Ceremony 2 – Friday, June 23 – 2 p.m.

Valedictorian Basant Elkady, Civil Engineering Technology advanced diploma (centre) with Academic Student Advisor June Lewis and President David Agnew.

Photo of Basant Elkady

Basant Elkady

Basant is graduating from the Civil Engineering Technology advanced diploma program. Since high school, Basant has loved civil engineering technology. Although she initially followed a different career path, she returned to school as a single mom to pursue her second career. Basant’s passion led her to become the president of the Seneca Civil Society in her second year. As president, she was able to network with her peers, faculty and industry leaders. She was also able to make a positive impact on her peers’ experiences at Seneca, which she found profoundly rewarding. Through her co-op, she secured a full-time position as a Transportation Technologist. Basant plans to continue her studies by pursuing a Bachelor of Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology at McMaster University in September.