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Meet the Spring 2017 Valedictorians

Ceremony 12 – Wednesday, June 28 – 2 p.m.

Valedictorian Nadia Gomes Bento, Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation degree (centre) with Co-ordinator Sharon McCleave and President David Agnew.

Photo of Nadia Gomes Bento

Nadia Gomes Bento

Nadia is graduating from the Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation degree program. At Seneca, she enjoyed the learning environment and smaller classes. She credits that for helping her build long-lasting and supportive relationships with her classmates and professors. Her favourite part of the program was the practical component of the degree, which helped her gain a taste of the therapeutic recreation world before launching into it head-first. During her time at Seneca, she had the pleasure of tutoring fellow students in the Learning Centre and volunteering at the Community Association for Riders with Disabilities (CARD), where her love of horses and therapeutic recreation came together as one. In the upcoming year, Nadia will work in the field and gain even more hands-on experience as a therapeutic recreationist. In September of 2018, she hopes to begin her master’s degree.