Connor Schiralli

Introduction to Marketing – Fall 2019

I had a wonderful experience in my Dual Credit course. During my time, I met many new people that soon became my friends. Every week I was excited to go to Seneca to see my friends and learn about a class not offered at my high school. This course helped me decide on my postsecondary pathway into business marketing.

Overall, I highly advocate for taking a Dual Credit course because of the unique experiences you gain from studying on a college campus.


Sarah Bargman

Introduction to Psychology – Fall 2018

I had such an amazing experience being able to get a taste of college life before I had to enter a college. I enjoyed Seneca so much that I am coming back as a full-time student! The course was so much fun and I enjoyed it so much, I loved meeting everybody and it was a lot easier knowing everyone was in the same boat as me doing this for the first time!


Tyea Romas

Anatomy and Physiology for the Practical Nurse – Winter 2018

The Dual Credit Program was an eye-opening experience for me. I got a chance to participate in a college course that gave me an idea as to what it would be like, which helped for a smoother transition when starting postsecondary. I learned how to write a proper essay and reference information, and I was exposed to the learning environment I would soon be in.

When I actually started college, I was prepared for the fast pace and felt confident going into my program. I can honestly say, postsecondary education is stressful and hard work, but I am so glad I was able to get experience beforehand through the Dual Credit Program, otherwise I would have struggled a lot more. Not only did I go into college prepared, but I was able to transfer the credit from my Dual Credit course to my current postsecondary institution to have one less class, which was a huge bonus!


Michael Wang

Introduction to Psychology – Fall 2018

My Dual Credit experience was great as I have learned knowledge from my course that I can use towards other courses anywhere. It affected my postsecondary journey as I have been able to see that going to college anywhere isn't some long and daunting process.


Kasduri Krish

Introduction to Marketing – Fall 2018

This course has helped me so much with my postsecondary education and has a lot of benefits to it...this course has made me love everything about marketing and has created a passion for it, thus majoring in marketing is one of my top options.

Overall, my experience with this program was absolutely amazing and is one of the best academic decisions that I have made as it helped me with my postsecondary education. 


Ivy Chen

Design I: Composition and Creativity – Winter 2019

I am so fortunate to have taken the Dual Credit program while I was in high school because not only did I experience what a college course is like, I became reassured in my postsecondary pathways and decisions. Before taking the Dual Credit Program, I was indecisive over my postsecondary school plans, but while taking the course, it opened my eyes to the things I am most passionate about and want to pursue in the future. The professors were very enthusiastic and helped us every step of the way...

I would recommend the Dual Credit Program to anyone who is still unsure of their postsecondary plans because the experience will help you decide where to take the next step.


Una Isherwood

Drawing I

I completed Art Fundamentals during the 2018-2019 school year, and it was so much fun!... and the work was always relevant to me. Plus, the experiences I had at Seneca really prepared me for life in college. The atmosphere and expectations are totally different, and it was so great to be able to dip my toes in the water before jumping in.

The best part is that since taking Dual Credit, getting a job is a lot easier! Employers really appreciate having that on a resumé. So, don’t give up! If you’ve made it this far, you can definitely get past the finish line.


Hisham Bin Abdul Rahman

Computer Numerical Control – Fall 2019

This course opened new horizons of learning for me, enriching my aptitude of logical reasoning and thinking abilities besides helping me master the art of CNC programming. Of course, I cherish the beautiful lecture environment and the congenial friendly staff teachers. Overall it was a win-win for me to have opted for this excellent analytical course.


Emily-Elizabeth Miller

Beauty and Glamour Makeup Techniques – Winter 2019

During my Dual Credit at Seneca, I was able to improve my interacting and interpersonal skills. I was able to step outside of my shell and make new friends.


Hadiyah Khalil

Introduction to Sociology – Summer 2019, Foundations of Psychology – Fall 2019, Interpersonal Communications – Winter 2020

I've taken three Dual Credits at Seneca throughout my Grade 11-12 year of high school and It has been an amazing experience... The classes are great and there is a variety of courses to choose from. At first, I was unsure about the program as I had never taken part of the Dual Credit Program at Seneca but once I did, I always wanted to keep coming back. It's fun and gives you the chance to interact and meet new people and friends. I created long-lasting friendships with several of my peers in my Seneca Dual Credit Program... I got to experience what it was like to be in postsecondary.

My Dual Credit experience here was much enjoyed and I recommend joining especially at Seneca!


James Yeboah

Introduction to Psychology – Fall 2019

My Dual Credit experience was a transformational one. Although I had an idea of what I wanted to do — become a psychotherapist —I also desired to know what awaited me beyond the confines of high school. That was a desire that was both equally as liberating as it was terrifying to think about. However, when I took the opportunity and was actually in the course in 2019, Introduction to Psychology, it only reaffirmed my career.

My teacher was one of the most amazing people I’ve met for the simple fact that he was simply himself and honestly enjoyed his time teaching us. He cared about our success, which was evident by the variety of enthralling assignments we did, and the compelling readings we were assigned pertaining to human thought patterns and behaviour. All in all, it was simply an experience that has changed my life for the better.


Joshua Campbell

Dining Room Service Management – Winter 2019

The Dual Credit course I took changed my outlook for serving others and the different concepts and skills involved in cooking. Throughout the course of the program, in the different experiences, situations and activities I encountered, I had never gone through an experience that was so influential...

The attitude, perseverance and commitment promoted by my professor was amazing. He was always there to guide our thoughts to be intentional in what we said and offer a word of encouragement whenever needed.


Jenna Jones

Interpersonal Communications – Winter 2019

My Dual Credit took place at Seneca in 2019 for social service work. I loved my course because my professor was amazing. I was able to meet so many people, experience the college lifestyle and learn so much. I really enjoyed my course because it offered such a valuable experience and helped show me all the education and jobs options that could be pursued.


Jovan Wilson

Digital Design I – Winter 2019

At first, I was nervous to be in a postsecondary environment in 11th grade. But my Dual Credit leader helped make my experience a very enjoyable one. I always felt comfortable asking questions and my professor was very helpful whenever I had questions. The learning centre on campus with the library and computer area were helpful for when I needed to work on an assignment after class.

The Dual Credit scholarship also became very important to my postsecondary decision. I was very set on going to a university after high school until I realized that Seneca has all of the resources a university does and more.


Dunia Abdilqadir Nazar

Applied Psychology of Learning and Careers – Winter 2020, Group Dynamics – Winter 2020

“[Dual Credit] offered me an opportunity to join a college community and gain credits at the same time, so this program helped me completing my Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and join the college quicker than I expected.”

“The program also makes successful transitions to postsecondary college studies, and it provides orientation about college environment.” 


Myah Elliot

Introduction to Marketing – Fall 2018

“I would recommend this [Dual Credit] course to any high school student, no matter what they are planning for their postsecondary education. It is a simple way to get a taste of college life, and help you decide which path you want to go down. I am so happy I took this program.”


Lisa Lee

Applied Psychology of Learning and Careers – Winter 2020

“The content of the course was extremely useful and versatile. Before the pandemic started, everyone with different backgrounds willingly participated and was very engaged in class. It helped me be motivated and enthusiastic again. Even after the course had been turned into virtual class, each session was very informative with various types of visual materials. Of course, I could learn theories and knowledge, but the core part of taking this class was finding myself and figuring out how I can be successful both at school and work through practical strategies.”


Amina Kerim

Applied Psychology of Learning and Careers – Winter 2020

“I can say that the whole experience and atmosphere I felt whenever I came to the campus were just positive and engaging. Being at Seneca felt right and suitable for me and my current situation in life, I feel like this will be one of the best and fun experiences that I will cherish for a long time.”

“Overall participating in the Dual Credit Program gave me confidence and reassurance that Seneca is the right choice for me.”


Jihee Ban

Interpersonal Communications – Winter 2020

“I was lost until I found out about the Dual Credit Program that was available for me before I could go to any college.”

“Here I am now, being part of a Seneca community, I am proud to be a Senecan myself.”


Jenna Stuart

Introduction to Sociology: Social Inequity ­– Fall 2019

“Seneca, for me personally, had a warm and welcoming energy to it and I was able to get more clarity and understanding of what it was that I wanted to do after high school.”

“I was so impressed and relieved that such a program …” that helps “people who need the accommodations is as great as it is. I was not judged or  treated less than because of my mental health."


Ryan Williams

Leadership in Society – Winter 2019

“My Dual Credit experience has changed my entire perspective on the postsecondary experience as it helped me gain the confidence, motivation and ambition that I needed to pursue a postsecondary education at Seneca.”