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Diploma to Seneca Degree

Right here at Seneca, we are making it easy for you to go even further by transferring your existing diploma credits to a Seneca honours bachelor degree.

Seneca honours bachelor degree offers the theory and practical experience that employers value and provides students with the foundation required to pursue further education. Seneca degree students benefit from work-integrated learning opportunities, expert faculty and a curriculum connected to industry needs.

Each of Seneca’s degrees has been assessed and approved by the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB) in association with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Each degree is reviewed and renewed every five-to-seven years by PEQAB to ensure program quality. All Seneca degrees are considered equivalent to a four-year 120-credit honours degree.

Review the possible pathway opportunities from a Seneca diploma program to a Seneca degree.

For information on applying to a Seneca degree from a Seneca diploma, visit the Office of the Registrar web page.

Questions about your education options after Seneca?

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“After completing my diploma, I transitioned into Seneca’s Bachelor of Commerce degree program in International Accounting & Finance. The degree put the icing on the cake and provided more depth and breadth in the subject area. Once I completed my degree, I started my new job as an accountant at the firm where I did my co-op placement.”

– Romaine Burgess
Seneca Advanced Diploma to Seneca Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree