Corporate Training

Financial Services - Courses & Workshops

Canadian Securities

14-week course or shorter workshop

In this course, you will learn about the investment market in Canada and identify the roles and responsibilities of key financial industries. Topics covered include the nature of assets, client needs assessments, available investments, investment strategies and tactics, portfolio evaluation and the analysis of a publicly traded company financial statement. The course is offered by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) — the official educator of the securities industry.


Canadian Investment Funds

14-week course or shorter workshop

This course covers mutual funds within the context of the financial services sector. You will learn how to evaluate clients' investment objectives and develop the competency to help them choose the investment strategy and vehicles that are right for them. The curriculum is offered in partnership with the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) and is delivered through Inventive Financial Sector Education (IFSE).

Additional training related to financial services are offered through Seneca’s Centre for Financial Services. View the list of programs and workshops.