Corporate Training

Interpersonal Skills - Courses & Workshops

Data-Informed Decision-Making

Two-hour workshop

This session outlines how the collection and analysis of data can guide decisions that improve success.

Mind Mapping

Lunch and learn or longer workshop

Become an engaging communicator who can connect conversationally. In this session, you will learn how to move your body to keep a rapport going and how to add the finishing touches to a conversation that puts participants at ease and makes them want to come back for more. Emphasis will also be placed on how to get your message across.


Conflict Resolution

Lunch and learn or longer workshop

Conflict in the workplace can be a positive experience if handled strategically. This session will assist you in preventing conflicts from escalating into confrontations. You’ll learn how to diffuse and find solutions that are workable.


Improve Your Memory

Lunch and learn or longer workshop

Good memory is something anyone can master. In this session, you’ll tap into your brain's amazing memory power with methods that are proven, enjoyable to learn, tremendously effective and easy to apply.


Negotiation Skills

Two-hour lunch and learn

This session provides an introduction to a negotiating technique that will help you negotiate wise outcomes both personally and professionally.


Time Management

Lunch and learn or longer workshop

Manage your time and workflow more effectively. This session will encourage you to improve your job productivity while planning for quality time in your personal life. Topics covered include goal planning, organizing your day, breaking the procrastination habit, finding your high energy prime time and schedule planning.


Projecting a Positive Self Image

Lunch and learn or longer workshop

A first impression is a lasting impression and you have just 30 seconds to establish a positive one. This session aims to make you a skilled communicator by addressing your visual appearance, speaking skills, body language and presentation abilities.


Personality Workshop

Lunch and learn or longer workshop

This session will prepare you to understand our individual preferences, differences and values. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to improve your relationships with co-workers and clients in order to reduce conflict and foster teamwork.


Effective Communication

Lunch and learn or longer workshop

In this session, you’ll develop an awareness of how your personality style can be adapted and applied to a variety of work situations to aid in problem solving and conflict resolution. By placing emphasis on personal values and perceptions to create new ways of thinking and doing, you will learn how to communicate your messages more clearly. 


Note Taking Made Easy

Lunch and learn or longer workshop

Become a better note-taker. This session will teach you to listen actively for key points and distinguish what you should write down (and what you shouldn’t). You’ll also learn tips for recalling more information along with strategies for organizing your notes.



Lunch and learn or longer workshop

Improve your team’s potential. This session aims to enhance your understanding of how effective teams work together and will provide you with strategies for improving the performance of your own team.