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Career Recharge. Workshops. Events. Mentorship.

Prepare for the future of work.

Career Recharge, presented by TD, is an innovative initiative to help prepare for your career future, whether that means re-entering the workforce, advancing in your field, changing careers or starting a new venture.

The aim is for you to become an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. Learn to develop your own venture or use your entrepreneurial mindset to encourage change and innovation from within an organization.

The TD Ready Challenge was established by TD in 2018 to help identify and support innovative, scalable solutions that can contribute to building a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow. The Challenge is an initiative of The Ready Commitment, TD's corporate citizenship platform.

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Career Recharge Workshops 

Career Recharge hosts a free workshops every other Tuesday between 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Newnham Campus. Join us for the next workshop or check out full series.

Coaching & Mentorship

Recharge your career through coaching and mentorship opportunities from Seneca’s on-campus innovation hub, HELIX.

Dedicated to developing the entrepreneurial mindset, HELIX provides mentorship and access to a like-minded community.


Do you want to prepare for your future career, re-enter the workforce, advance in your field, change careers or start your own venture?


Photo of Kim Ng

“I dropped out of school when I was 13. Even though I wasn’t aware of my learning disabilities at the time, and everyone else — including my parents — felt I wasn’t trying hard enough, I knew that I was capable,” she recalls. “I merely learned in different ways.” 

Kim Ng
Founder of BEAUT, participant of Seneca’s on-campus incubator, HELIX.

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