Who We Are

Karishma Vaz, Professional Development Specialist
“Seneca is truly a special place to work at and it’s the people that make it so. The Seneca community is like a little family and its people always go above and beyond to support each other and our students. The diverse skill sets are recognized and tapped into through cross-collaboration, providing employees with many different opportunities for personal and professional growth.”
Karishma Vaz, Professional Development Specialist


Seneca Career - Who We Are
Seneca Career - Who We Are
Seneca Career - Who We Are
  • 60% of our managers are women
  • 20+ Intercultural Initiatives hosted per year
  • 118+ languages spoken by employees
  • 8,000 graduates every year


“Seneca is a place that has brought together people from all over the world to learn and become responsible global citizens. With our amazing faculty and staff also engaging in international training and development projects, we not only bring the world to Seneca, but we also take Seneca to the world!”
Maria Sairoglou, Director, International Training & Development
“I’m a Seneca graduate, current employee and faculty. During my time as a student, I vividly remember the support and passion Senecans displayed and that made a lasting impact on me during my studies. After graduating I always wanted to return to Seneca as an employee and/or faculty to continue to pay it forward, and I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity and support to accomplish this.”
Alvin Shum, Director, Enterprise Service Development
Seneca Career - Who We Are
Seneca Career - Who We Are
Seneca Career - Who We Are




What Drives Us

Chris Dudley, Director, Entrepreneurship
"One of the many things that is exciting about Seneca is its commitment to providing students with knowledge, space and the support to innovate and create the future. This culture of innovation can be felt throughout the college, from within the classroom, to the experiential activities students experience and through to HELIX, Seneca's on-campus innovation incubator."
Chris Dudley, Director, Entrepreneurship


At Seneca, we are looking for employees that are as excited about change as we are. We know that our students have dynamic needs and we are constantly looking at ways of improving our educational offerings, services and procedures.

We also engage our students in exciting research opportunities and are thrilled at the inventions that our students and employees have brought to the world.

“I’ve been afforded so many exciting and life-changing opportunities to be innovative, to teach, implement new projects, try new initiatives and work with teams across the college. All while being supported by mentors to adjust and adapt to find success.”
Shivani Naidoo, Marketing & Communications Special Projects Lead
Seneca Career - What Drives Us


Seneca Career - What Drives Us
Seneca Career - What Drives Us
Seneca Career - What Drives Us

We live in a world of ever-changing technology and are meeting this challenge with state-of-the-art infrastructure that incorporates sophisticated technology into our classrooms and workspaces. We want the best for our students, which is why we equip our employees with the tools that they need to succeed. Our newly opened Centre for Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship is the perfect example of incorporating the latest technology to reduce its carbon footprint by limiting greenhouse gas emissions. The building includes a high tech robotics lab and newly designed ergonomic work spaces for our employees.


Our students are the guiding force behind all that we do. Seneca employees feel inspired coming to work every day knowing that they are making a difference in so many lives.

Our education not only strives to get students ready for a job, but we focus on getting students ready for the rapidly evolving world.

“As a college graduate myself, I am a true believer in the college system. It offers the learner a safe place to discover themselves, to find their footing and to prepare themselves to meet the demands of the adult world. When I see my students beginning to dream big, to see possibilities for their future that they had not imagined before, I know that I am making the most important of impacts.”
Laura Cavanagh, Professor and Program Co-ordinator, Behavioural Sciences Program
Seneca Career - What Drives Us


Seneca Career - What Drives Us

We love to give back! In addition to the many fundraising initiatives we have to help our own students, we also partner with organizations such United Way to raise awareness and money for our local community. There are numerous volunteer opportunities made available to our employees as well as organized team charity days and celebrations.

Seneca also partners with our surrounding community businesses on applied research projects, allowing them access to our resources, employees and students.


Seneca is committed to sustainability and has recently opened our first LEED® Gold certified building. Our initiatives include on-campus farmers markets, tree planting and a community garden. We even have our very own Seneca Honey.




How We Succeed

Hadi Majzoub
“Seneca has provided me with many opportunities to grow in my professional career. Working on various projects in different roles has created a path for my career growth where talent and dedication are acknowledged and valued. My Seneca journey has been full of great experiences and I am looking forward to the next chapter.”
Hadi Majzoub, Manager, Academic Programs

Career Growth

Seneca is committed to growing our internal team, ensuring that our managers are equipped with the tools they need to develop their employees.

In fact, 64 per cent of our roles are filled with internal employees. We also have formalized individual development plans that our employees use to set their career goals and achieve success.

Learning and Development

We ensure that our employees have the tools and resources they need to succeed in their career, including:

  • up to $20,000 in tuition reimbursement
  • professional development funding
  • discounted Seneca courses
  • free workshops

Work-Life Balance

Our employees are important to us and we know that they have priorities outside of the workplace. Seneca offers 93 per cent top-up on 52-week parental leaves, generous vacation allowance, on-site daycare and tuition assistance for children. Free wellness workshops, campus fitness centres and lunchtime yoga classes also contribute to our employees’ overall health and wellness.

“Seneca is an amazing employer which provides both amazing career growth opportunities and work-life balance. As a new immigrant to Canada, I feel lucky to work at Seneca and appreciate the opportunity I am given to rapidly develop my career path without sacrificing my family time.”
Lena Tang, Assistant to the Dean, FASET
"At Seneca, you can achieve personal and professional goals concurrently. A healthy work-life balance is not only encouraged, but also very realistic. The family benefits offered here prove Seneca’s commitment to supporting their employees’ well-being and family life."
Danielle Latanskiy, Alumni Co-ordinator
“From the day I started at Seneca, I was given the tools and encouragement to enhance and develop my skill sets in different areas to move up in the organization. Every manager and director I reported to wanted me to succeed and to be a leader someday. Thanks to the support of Seneca, I not only have been able to achieve my leadership goals, but I’ve also been able to take a paid 37-week parental leave to care for my son knowing that I have an amazing job and team to return to.”
Barry Naymark, Manager, Seneca Alumni

“Working at Seneca, you can build a better world and have time to live in it too.”

Bernie Beaulieu, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources