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Interactive Online Learning

Explore this free online learning series to learn interviewing skills, negotiation, time management and more.

Innovating for a COVID-19 World

Learn how to develop your ideas in the COVID-19 economy with this free video series.

Resources for Working Remotely

Discover ways to stay productive, physically fit, mentally healthy and more. 

InStage Live Workshops

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Women in Leadership

This special panel discussion brought together four inspiring female leaders on March 9, 2021 to discuss empowerment in the workplace.

Led by moderator Shivi Darubra (Author, The Little Blue Elephant and Policy Advisor), panelists Kimberly Moran (CEO, Children’s Mental Health Ontario), Naki Osutei (Associate Vice President, Social Impact (Canada), TD Bank Group) and Jess Joss (President, Equation Angels) discussed their leadership journeys, shared perspectives on overcoming obstacles and provided advice for aspiring female leaders.




Interactive Online Learning Series

Check out this enhanced online series, based on previous workshops. 

21st Century Workforce Skills

Explore the in-demand skills of the evolving workplace and learn how to stand out to employers in 2021.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Our New Reality

This session will explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workforce. Learn strategies that will help you position yourself advantageously in this new reality. 


Balancing Your Life

Explore the elements that can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance in the modern workplace.


Business Model Canvas

Learn how to easily design and communicate your business idea or project.

Building Relationships

Learn to identify the attributes and behaviours that foster positive business connections.

Conflict Resolution

Learn strategies that will help you resolve conflicts and explore effective ways to communicate during a conflict.

Creating Safe & Inclusive Workplaces

Explore how to create safer and more inclusive workplaces through actionable tools, resources, and education.

Customer Service Strategies

Cultivate customer service strategies to help businesses prosper and learn why customer service should be the focus of any mission statement.

Delivering Persuasive Ideas

Discover how to create persuasive presentations with emotion and reason while engaging your audience through body language and tone.

Design Thinking

Explore the concept of design thinking and learn to create a solution-based approach to solving problems.

Emotional Intelligence

Develop your emotional intelligence and learn how you can use this skill to become a better colleague, employee, and leader.

Experience Design

Learn how to use the concepts of experience design to create positive interactions with your customers or colleagues.

Growth Mindset

Learn about growth mindset and explore strategies that can help you navigate challenges that can accompany career uncertainty or personal growth.

Imagination and Ideation

This session concentrates on developing your imagination and cultivating the skill of ideation, a process of transforming your ideas into actionable plans.

Innovative Leadership

Learn the strategies of innovative leadership, understand the science behind delegation, and discover how to display innovation in a job interview.

Interviewing Skills

This session will highlight techniques that can help you confidently present and prepare yourself at an interview.

Managing Work Stress

Cultivate customer service strategies to help businesses prosper and learn why customer service should be the focus of any mission statement.

Memory, Learning, and Change

Explore how memory works and learn to apply strategies to overcome memory difficulties.  

Mind Mapping

This session concentrates on mind mapping, a system of note-taking that will help you in all areas of your life.



This session will show you how to identify and apply strategies that can help you negotiate successfully.

Personality: You and the Workplace

Explore how to improve your workplace relationships and job satisfaction. This session will provide insight on the different personality types and behaviours.

Projecting a Positive Self-Image

Learn how a positive self-image can increase your confidence and explore the traits associated with a successful first impression.

Realizing Your Career Goals

This session will help you to take charge of yourself and identify personal and career goals that will make your vision a reality.

Resumé & Cover Letter Writing

Make a great impression with your resumé and cover letter and make sure they represent you well to employers.

Systems Thinking

Learn how to make strategic decisions when solving problems using the concepts of systems thinking.


Taking Advantage of Change

Learn about the concepts of change and identify the opportunities change presents.


Taking the Unconscious out of Bias

Understand why bias exists, address common myths about bias, and learn actions you can take to be less biased and more intentional.

Time Management

Learn to manage your time and explore strategies that can help improve your productivity.


Understanding Power & Privilege

Understand the theory behind power and privilege and its role in developing healthy professional relationships.




InStage Workshops

Interview Skills

Pitching Skills

Network Yourself

Delivering Virtual Presentations

About InStage

Each month, Career Recharge partners with InStage and guest experts to provide an active-learning simulation for the development of communication skills. An InStage simulation immerses attendees in a virtual reality environment where they can apply what they've learned, a critical phase of the learning process.

Resources for Working Remotely

Explore these resources to discover ways to stay productive, physically fit, mentally healthy and more.

Explore these free resources.

Innovating for a COVID-19 World

Explore these ten videos and worksheets to learn how to develop your ideas in the COVID-19 economy.

1 - Identifying a Problem Statement

2 - Creating a Persona

3 - Validating Assumptions

4 - Brainstorm Solutions

5 - Building a Prototype

6 - Gathering User Feedback

7 - Creating a Business Model

8 - Creating a Financial Model

9 - Constructing a Pitch

10 - Presenting a Solution