Career Recharge

Making Meaningful Connections

“Now I’m very happy,” says Vahid Hosseini. “I’m happy I was laid off.”

This is not something you’d normally hear someone say, but Hosseini is pleased to be one of the participants in Seneca’s Career Recharge, an initiative created with the support of TD.

A self-described lifelong learner, Hosseini is a fan of the workshops in particular. He takes photos of the presentation and enthusiastically jots down notes at each session.

“I always want to learn,” he explains.

Participants are able to choose to attend Career Recharge in person or online to learn about topics like data thinking, conflict resolution, interview skills and more. The goal is to offer mid-career individuals flexible resources to help to recharge their careers and to prepare for the future of work.

“Constant change is the new dynamic of business today,” says Chris Dudley, Director of Entrepreneurship. “You will need to have resilience skills and the confidence to negotiate the changing levels of business.”

For Hosseini, the opportunity to advance his communication skills and customer service strategies is a major benefit. Plus, he greatly values the chance to make meaningful connections with fellow participants.

“Every week when I participate, I go home and check my LinkedIn to engage in feedback.”

Like many Career Recharge participants, Hosseini was drawn to Career Recharge by a connection with Seneca’s on-campus innovation hub, HELIX.

After many years working abroad, Hosseini moved to Canada in 2015. He came to Seneca to work towards his CPA designation, and while on campus, he discovered HELIX. When he was laid off in 2016, he turned to HELIX for support in launching his own business, Beaver Accounting Services Inc.

“Here I can learn so many things,” he says. “It’s all practical, it’s not just theory.”

Career Recharge, which launched in June, was made possible by a $1-million grant from the inaugural TD Ready Challenge, of which Seneca was one of 10 recipients across North America. The goal of the Challenge was to support non- profit institutions with initiatives that help people with skills for the future economy.  The Challenge is part of the bank’s broader efforts to help open doors for a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow through The Ready Commitment.