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Getting Ready


All international students have mandatory health insurance coverage while studying at Seneca. The coverage will be active for the current academic year (September 1 to August 31), depending on your program start date. It is highly recommended that you buy travel insurance when you purchase your airline ticket. Contact your local travel agent for information on travel insurance.

Seneca provides free airport pick-up for all international students arriving in Toronto for their first semester of study. Any requests for an airport pick-up must be made 72 hours in advance of the flight arriving in Toronto.

After receiving your request, our Seneca International staff will send you an email confirming your pick-up. Requests made without 72 hours (3 days) prior notice may not be guaranteed.

Please complete the Airport Pick-Up Request form to submit your request.

After you have arrived in Toronto, you must visit your Seneca campus and confirm your arrival and complete other important procedures.

Submit your Study Permit

You must submit a copy of your Study Permit to the International Admissions Office upon your arrival at Seneca. You may submit online by scanning and emailing a copy to or in person to the Registration Office of your campus.

Submit an Address in Canada Form

You must submit an Address in Canada Form to the International Admissions Office. Seneca requires your new address in Ontario to reach you during the year. Seneca should always have your current local Ontario address on file.


Whether you are a professional program student or an English Language Institute (ELI) student coming to Seneca for the first time, you must attend the our international student orientation. 

Learn more about our international student orientation and our ELI student orientation.