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Requests Forms


Change your Address/ Name

If you are changing your address or name, you must inform Seneca by completing the Address/Name Change Form.


Deferring your admission

If you are unable to attend Seneca as planned, first semester students who have paid their tuition fees may be eligible to request for a deferral in admission if certain conditions are met by completing a Request to Defer Admission Form (Form D)

Request a refund

If your visa application has been rejected or you are unable to attend Seneca due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for a refund if certain conditions are met. 

You may request the refund by submitting:


Please submit your Request for Tuition Fee Refund form(s) by email to International Admissions Office (as a pdf attachment) or fax to +1 (416) 492-9243.