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Requests Forms


Change your Address/ Name

If you are changing your address or name, you must inform Seneca by completing the Address/Name Change Form (PDF).


Deferring your admission

If you are unable to attend Seneca as planned, first semester students who have paid their tuition fees may be eligible to request for a deferral in admission if certain conditions are met by completing a Request to Defer Admission Form (PDF)

Request a refund

If your visa application has been rejected or you are unable to attend Seneca due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for a refund if certain conditions are met. 

You may request the refund by submitting:


Please submit your Request for Tuition Fee Refund form(s) by email to International Admissions Office (as a pdf attachment) or fax to +1 (416) 492-9243.