International Students Using an Agent

Selecting an educational agent is a personal decision. 

These are a few considerations and recommendations when making your selection:

  • When selecting an educational agent, confirm that your representative is a registered agent with Seneca College. You may confirm this by writing to us at
  • Discuss the services your educational agent will provide. Ask for the cost of each service in writing.
  • Please be aware that there are no guarantees to securing your admission to Seneca College or obtaining a Canadian study permit when using an educational agent.
  • Original documents such as passports, academic transcripts and records should always be retained by you.
  • All tuition fee payments should be made payable directly to 'Seneca College'.  

If you are using an agent...

Your agent should assist you in completing the International Student Web Application Form. Once your agent has completed your application to Seneca, we will be able to send communications to your educational agent and give them access to check the progress of your application.

If you are changing your agent...

If you have already submitted an application to Seneca, and you have not yet received an offer/denial letter:

  1. You will need to complete and submit the International Student Application Cancellation Form and have your new agent email the completed form to This will cancel your current application to Seneca College and any progress made with this application.
  2. You must then submit a new application to Seneca with your new agent. Reapplying will mean you will have to resubmit everything with your new agency including:
    • documentation
    • program selection(s)
    • payment of a new application fee — $90 (CAD).

If you have already submitted an application to Seneca and you have received an offer of acceptance, it is too late to change your agent. We will not be able to make any further changes at this point. Cancellation forms and agent changes are NOT PERMITTED once a letter of acceptance has been issued to an applicant.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns about any educational agents, please email us at

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