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How to Apply



Before you apply, please ensure you have all the necessary documents to support your application. Refer the application checklist.


  1. Open International Student Web Application and read the important information, then select New Application
  2. Complete the required fields (marked with *)
  3. Create a password and an account to save your application
  4. Record your Application Confirmation Number “55-xxxx-xxxxx” for future reference and select “Continue”
  5. Complete the English proficiency and Academic Record sections
  6. Choose your Start Date and Program(s) and select “Submit Program Selection”
  7. Upload all required documents and select “Upload Documents”
  8. Use a credit card to pay the $65 CAD application fee
  9. Select “Continue” and look for this confirmation message: “Thank you for applying to Seneca College”
  10. Select “Close”

An email with your login details and Application Confirmation Number will be sent to the email address you provided during the application process.


  • You must submit all the required documents with your application. Your application will be assessed based on the information we have received. Sending information after you apply may result in your application being delayed or denied.
  • If you have information that you believe will assist our review, send it as an email attachment to Include your name and Seneca ID or your Application-Confirmation Number “55-xxxx-xxxxx” in the subject of the email.
  • Before scanning and submitting any additional documents, please write your Seneca ID or Application-Confirmation Number “55-xxxx-xxxxx” or Seneca ID on the top of all documents to make it easier for us to match them with your application.
  • If we need clarification for any of your documents, we will email you. You are advised to check your email regularly. There are a number of professional programs for which we will require a credential assessment from a recognized agency such as World Education Services (WES). We will inform you by email if that is the case.
  • Some programs also have additional non-academic requirements such as questionnaires, essays, portfolios, auditions or testing. Additional requirements are listed under admission requirements of each program page. When you apply to a program that has additional requirements, we will contact you by email with details of how to submit the additional documents. If testing is required, you will need to arrange an invigilator. Your admissions adviser will work directly with your invigilator to send and receive your test and results.