English Language Institute Updates

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are changes to the testing, delivery and scheduling of English Language Institute (ELI) classes.


Placement Testing

Email instructions for Seneca’s placement test, the International Test of English Proficiency (PDF), will be sent out regarding how to access the online test after you have enrolled in a September or November session. Students can prepare for the placement test by taking the iTEP preview test.


Levels and Test Scores

Fall sessions will be six weeks long. The program dates have changed and are now from Monday, September 14 to Friday, October 23 and Monday, November 2 to Friday, December 11.

If you start Level 8 in September, you will have a break in November and December before starting your program in January. There is no Long Level 8 in September.

Learn more about ELI levels and test scores.



Students enrolled in the September session can participate in upcoming Virtual Orientation sessions and activities. More information can be found on the Seneca Orientation website. Orientation is a great way to learn about services available at Seneca.


Tutorial Schedule

There will be free daily tutorials and online activities for ELI students. The English tutorials include grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary building, writing and speaking. The activities are a great way for you to meet Seneca faculty and make new friends.


Online Program Delivery

To access your ELI classes, you will need to have a stable, high-speed and reliable internet connection, access to a home computer with a speaker and microphone, or headphones and a webcam. More details on hardware and software learning requirements can be found on the Information Technology Services website.


Deferring Admission

If you would prefer to study at Seneca in the winter instead of this fall, you can submit a Request to Defer Admission form (PDF) to international.documents@senecacollege.ca. Seneca will make every attempt to accommodate all deferrals to January.

Be sure to check often for timely Seneca updates regarding all matters related to the pandemic on the COVID-19 website.