Payment Methods

Once you have received your Offer of Admission, you must pay your tuition fees by the due date mentioned in the invoice. Make sure your Seneca ID number (found on your Offer of Admission Letter) is mentioned on any form of payment sent to Seneca.   

As a Seneca international student, there are many payment options available:

Seneca has partnered with CIBC International Student Pay to process payment of tuition and fees through their international payment portal. The portal allows you to conveniently make payments in your currency and benefit from preferred currency exchange rates provided from CIBC, as well as:

  • easily track payments online
  • receive ongoing status updates until payment is complete
Credit Card or Debit Card Payment Methods
Method Instruction
Online: On Student Home: Log into Student Home and select the "Financial Account" tile.

Online Banking: Set up Seneca on your list of “payees”. Your account number is your 9 digit Student ID number.

See Pay Online video

Canadian Financial Institution:

With a teller or at a bank machine. Bring your 9 digit Student ID number. For your records, be sure to have the teller stamp your invoice, or retain a copy of the transaction slip.

Mobile App:

Download the Seneca Mobile app from the Google Play or iTunes App Stores.
If you have outstanding charges on your student account, the payment option is available on the Fees component.

See Pay Online video

Seneca has partnered with Flywire to process payment of tuition and fees through their international payment portal. The portal allows you to save on bank fees and exchange rates and also track your international payment online from start to finish, including:

  • choosing local, familiar payment options including bank wire transfer, credit cards, e-wallet and more for most countries and territories
  • accessing multilingual customer support via live chat, email, phone and more

Seneca has partnered with ICICI Bank Canada and uses its Unifee payment processing service to facilitate electronic bank transfers to Canada. Unifee enables you to make secure and timely payment of your academic fees and tuition directly to the bank account of Seneca. Visit the Unifee by ICICI Bank website and follow the on-screen instructions to make a payment.

Features of Unifee:

  • anyone can use this service, even those without an ICICI bank account
  • pay from any country listed on our website
  • pay online from home, no need to visit a branch (for students from India)
  • track your payments online

Western Union GlobalPay for Students is an electronic payment method for international students. 

  • pay international fees by bank transfer or online payment options in your local currency
  • convenient payment methods
  • multi-language platform: French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Indonesian, English, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese and Arabic

Watch this video from Western Union to learn how you can pay your student tuition and other fees using WU® GlobalPay for Students.

Downloading an official payment receipt for IRCC purposes

This account statement can be used when submitting any student related IRCC application.

Payments not submitted directly through Student Home may take between one to three weeks to be reflected on your account. The length of time will depend on the funds’ country of origin and the payment method.

Instructions for downloading an official payment receipt

To download a copy of your official tuition payment receipt for your study permit application, follow the below instructions:

1. Log into Student Home and select the “Financial Account” tile

Student home main menu

2. Select “Payment History” and then the “Print Statement” hyperlink. The receipt will appear as a PDF that you can download to your computer and submit with your IRCC application

Student home payment history page