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Outbound Student Exchange

Interested in travelling the world while obtaining credits at Seneca? Student Exchange programs are formal agreements between Seneca and partner institutes that allow you to study abroad and earn credits towards your Seneca credential. Students going on an exchange program pay their tuition fees to Seneca.

Check out our Student Exchange Partners.

Outbound Student Exchange
Application Process

How to Apply
  • Fill out the Outbound Student Application form
  • Submit completed form to our Study Abroad Office  
  • Book an appointment with our Study Abroad Office to discuss application criteria and program requirements
  • Once successful candidates are selected, the Study Abroad Office will provide you with further details to finalize the application process
  • Receive Acceptance Letter from partner institution

For questions about our Outbound Student Application process, please contact us.

Pre-Departure Checklist
  • Attend Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Ensure you have a valid and current passport prior to departure with an expiry six months after your return date
  • Apply for a visa (if applicable)
  • Purchase a flight ticket and international health insurance
  • Arrange accommodation in the destination country
  • Register at the Canadians Abroad website
  • Sign the International Trip Release, Waiver and Indemnity Forms
  • Sign the Participant Code of Conduct Form
  • Sign the Photo Consent Form