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Seneca presents ultimate art remix at Nuit Blanche

Students and faculty produce multidisciplinary project for annual Toronto art festival

A documentary on the making of Precipice will be shown at Nuit Blanche. The film was produced and directed by Sunny Yi, Program Co-ordinator, Documentary Filmmaking Institute (DFI), with DFI grad Mariana Osuna on camera and editing.

Toronto – Sept. 25, 2018 - Seneca will once again participate in Nuit Blanche Toronto with a new exhibit called Precipice: Seneca’s Ultimate Remix.

Seneca’s School of Creative Arts and Animation commissioned film composer Erica Procunier to record an original piece of music, with her only restriction being a time-limit.

Once Procunier completed the recording, a group of Seneca students and faculty artists were tasked with responding to her music composition in their art form. The result is a multidisciplinary exhibit that includes animation, documentary film, live performance, music remixes, painting, photography, project mapping, sculpture and VR.

Procunier previously collaborated with Seneca to compose the film DAM! The Story of Kit the Beaver in 2017. The film was a collaboration between Seneca's Animation Summer Institute and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO), in partnership with TIFF.

“Over the years, Seneca has developed a strong reputation for quality partnerships in Toronto’s art, animation and screen-content communities,” said Mark Jones, Chair, School of Creative Arts and Animation. “With Precipice, we wanted a chance to bring all of the talents represented in our school together in one exhibit. The result is the most tangible cross-disciplinary showcase in our history. Nuit Blanche is the perfect platform to launch our project because of the diversity — both in terms of art and experiences — that audiences expect from the festival.”

Precipice investigates how far artists and designers can push the creation of content in many different media and art forms, when each individual uses the same piece of music as a starting point. More than 60 Seneca students and faculty participated, resulting in 28 new works across a spectrum of disciplines.

Event-goers can experience the premiere of the exhibit at Artscape Youngplace on Saturday, Sept. 29, when Seneca will join more than 75 contemporary art projects created by more than 300 local, national and international artists for Nuit Blanche Toronto. This year’s event-wide theme is “You Are Here.” Details about the full program are available at

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