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Photo of Jeremy O’Krafka

Jeremy O’Krafka

B. Economics


Faculty of Continuing Education and Training


Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Networking, Mentorship, Start-ups


Jeremy O’Krafka, entrepreneur, innovator and leader, is committed to building a culture of mentorship around the world. O’Krafka is the founder of MENTORnetwork, a program that provides business associations, universities, colleges and innovation and entrepreneurship centres with resources to help facilitate their own mentorship programs. MENTORnetwork has helped institutions and businesses such as Seneca, the Rotman School of Business, Enterprise Toronto and York Region Small Business Centre to create and manage mentorship programs. Through MENTORnetwork, O’Krafka produced “The World’s Largest Business Mentoring Event,” setting a new Guinness World Record.

Jeremy O’Krafka has been interviewed by the Vancouver Sun, Huffington Post, The Chronicle Herald, the Burlington Gazette and Canadian Press, and appeared on blogs for, ConnectUs, the INC Society and United Way York Region.

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