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Photo of Scott Pugsley

Scott Pugsley

NICET level IV certification in Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Layout; Fire Protection Engineering Technology diploma

Professor and Industry Co-ordinator

School of Fire Protection


Automatic fire sprinklers, Special hazard fire suppression systems, Fire alarms, Fire/emergency rescue services, Manufacturing sales/technical support, Fire protection engineering


Scott Pugsley has been involved in the fire protection industry for more than 21 years, with both full-time and volunteer work experience in such areas as fire alarm, suppression systems, automatic sprinkler design, code consulting, emergency services and higher education. In addition to his teaching duties at Seneca, Pugsley is also the Ontario Regional Manager of the Canadian Automatic Sprinkler Association. Pugsley is actively involved in the fire protection community, acting as Executive Director of the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council (Ontario), and National Director of both the Canadian Fire Alarm Association and the Canadian Fire Safety Association.

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